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“Swimmer Magazine”

As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of swimming and an avid swimmer myself. Many of my USF swim team members taste tested the recipes in Sweet & Skinny as I was writing the book, and several even tested out the recipes themselves! So, before Sweet & Skinny ever hit the book shelves, US Masters swim members were already indulging in guilt-free PB&J cookies, and gooey gingerbread cake. With this Nov/Dec issue of Swimmer, I expect to see extra svelte swimmers at the next meet!

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“Real Taste”

Real Taste Article Image


Sweet & Skinny has been continuing to get great press overseas, including regular features in the popular Greek magazine Real Taste.  But I’m afraid you have to be able to read Greek in order to enjoy this article and recipe! Συγνώμη!!

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“Pilates Style”

"Pilates Style" Magazine Article on Marisa Churchill's "Sweet & Skinny"I am a big fan of Pilates. Who knew that all of those little motions could do such wonders for your body! So I was very excited to see that Pilates Style was talking Sweet & Skinny for the holidays.


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