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Pappas on Sweet & Skinny

I recently caught up with Greg Pappas and the Pappas Post, to talk about Sweet & Skinny and my new Sweet Adventures!


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Snack Girl gets Sweet & Skinny

I recently met Lisa Cain at the IACP conference in New York. If you are not familiar with her blog, Snack Girl, it is definitely not to be missed.  Lisa’s blog focuses on snacks that are quick to fix and healthy. So I of course had to tell her all about Sweet & Skinny.  Check out Lisa’s review, and hear which were her favorite Sweet & Skinny treats.

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Sweet & Skinny for Oprah

If you are a fan of Oprah, and who isn’t, then you should check out one of my new Sweet & Skinny recipes, which was just featured on

Like me, Oprah seems to enjoy a healthy breakfast, which includes chocolate…yes, I did say chocolate! So among the suggestions of how to enjoy a healthy chocolatey start to your day is my recipe for chocolate sour cherry muffins, at only 180 calories per muffin, you’ll be fitting into your skinny jeans in no time!

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