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The Healthy Mediterranean Diet

In case some of you missed my post on the Random House author’s blog, check it out here! It’s filled with inspiring healthy Mediterranean recipes, as well as a little vacation inspiration.

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Bikini Season is Officially Here!

Yes, summer has finally arrived! It’s time to head to the beach, time to think about vacations, and of course, time for that itsy-bitsy yellow polka dot bikini! Nothing pairs better than Sweet & Skinny with vacations and swimsuits….ok, maybe a free upgrade into first class. Then again, a perfectly fit bikini ready bod and a sweet smile just might get you that upgrade. You never know!  In honor of summertime, Travel Curious Often has posted some Sweet & Skinny recipes to get travelers into shape before they hit the beach this year. So if you want to whip up a chocolate cake this weekend, follow the link below.  There are plenty of Sweet & Skinny recipes there to choose from, including my favorite PB&J cookies (note:they are perfect for picnics, or to take on a flight, in case you don’t get that free upgrade). Enjoy and happy travels!

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