So So Gay & So so Sweet & Skinny

I must admit that I haven’t given ample thought to all the gay boys out there who love to cook, but still want to look perfect in their …..what are the gay boys wearing these days?  Well whatever it is, I’m sure it is not going to be covering up any “love handles.”  As a San Francisco native I should have thought about this sooner.  But sometimes even I am behind the times.  So it took me traveling to London to promote my book to start thinking NOT just about all the women who want to look good in their swim suits, but the men too.   Or in this case the So So Gay men.   They deserve to have guilt free desserts too!

I met Andrew Gonsalves at Primrose Bakery, and snuck him Sweet & Skinny samples under the table.  I don’t think Primrose would have appreciated my bring your own dessert policy.  But the British are so polite, had I been discovered, I doubt they would have said anything.  While Andrew confessed to being a reluctant baker, he was very enthusiastic about the desserts, and the fact that you could, So So Gay, or not, find Sweet & Skinny in London.  Here is the Brits review on the cookbook.

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  • Jennie

    Love this, Marisa — great review! I am now writing books using weights — in grams where the publishers let me. Hats off to the British, and to your waist- and indulgence-satisfying desserts!

  • Marisa Churchill

    Thank you Jennie.u00a0 Yes, I am definitely thinking about the benefits of writing recipes in both cups and weight measurements. It seems to be the best way to cover all my bases.