Bikini Season is Officially Here!

Yes, summer has finally arrived! It’s time to head to the beach, time to think about vacations, and of course, time for that itsy-bitsy yellow polka dot bikini! Nothing pairs better than Sweet & Skinny with vacations and swimsuits….ok, maybe a free upgrade into first class. Then again, a perfectly fit bikini ready bod and a sweet smile just might get you that upgrade. You never know!  In honor of summertime, Travel Curious Often has posted some Sweet & Skinny recipes to get travelers into shape before they hit the beach this year. So if you want to whip up a chocolate cake this weekend, follow the link below.  There are plenty of Sweet & Skinny recipes there to choose from, including my favorite PB&J cookies (note:they are perfect for picnics, or to take on a flight, in case you don’t get that free upgrade). Enjoy and happy travels!

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