Sweet&Skinny Oatmeal Sour Cherry Cookies

While speaking at the Women’s Power Strategy Conference last month in Marin I met blogger Simona Carini.  Simona is originally from Italy, and so her Italian roots and my Greek heritage meant that we immediately hit it off. Simona loves to cook and bake, but is also very health focused, so she was quite enthusiastic about Sweet & Skinny.

Here is a great posting on her blog about the Oatmeal Sour Cherry & Chocolate Cookies from Sweet & Skinny, complete with photo and recipe. Happy guilt-free baking!



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Real News

"Real News" Marisa Churchill ArticleThe perfect desserts when you want to be romantic, but still want to watch your waist line; dark chocolate hearts with fresh raspberry sorbet.

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Star tv’s Proini Meleti

The popular Greek morning Show “Proini Meleti” recently invited me on to whip up some Sweet & Skinny treats, we had a great time making cupcakes and cookies….the perfect way to start your day!

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“Vail News”

"Vail Daily News" Article on "Sweet & Skinny" by Marisa Churchill

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So So Gay & So so Sweet & Skinny

I must admit that I haven’t given ample thought to all the gay boys out there who love to cook, but still want to look perfect in their …..what are the gay boys wearing these days?  Well whatever it is, I’m sure it is not going to be covering up any “love handles.”  As a San Francisco native I should have thought about this sooner.  But sometimes even I am behind the times.  So it took me traveling to London to promote my book to start thinking NOT just about all the women who want to look good in their swim suits, but the men too.   Or in this case the So So Gay men.   They deserve to have guilt free desserts too!

I met Andrew Gonsalves at Primrose Bakery, and snuck him Sweet & Skinny samples under the table.  I don’t think Primrose would have appreciated my bring your own dessert policy.  But the British are so polite, had I been discovered, I doubt they would have said anything.  While Andrew confessed to being a reluctant baker, he was very enthusiastic about the desserts, and the fact that you could, So So Gay, or not, find Sweet & Skinny in London.  Here is the Brits review on the cookbook.


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“Glow” Magazine is thinking Sweet & Skinny (click on the cover to read the full article)

"Glow" Magazine Marisa Churchill Article

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Chow Tips: “Sweet & Skinny” Brownie Making Tips


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Eye on The Bay: “Sweet & Skinny” PB & J Cookies

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“Swimmer Magazine”

As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of swimming and an avid swimmer myself. Many of my USF swim team members taste tested the recipes in Sweet & Skinny as I was writing the book, and several even tested out the recipes themselves! So, before Sweet & Skinny ever hit the book shelves, US Masters swim members were already indulging in guilt-free PB&J cookies, and gooey gingerbread cake. With this Nov/Dec issue of Swimmer, I expect to see extra svelte swimmers at the next meet!

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“Real Taste”

Real Taste Article Image


Sweet & Skinny has been continuing to get great press overseas, including regular features in the popular Greek magazine Real Taste.  But I’m afraid you have to be able to read Greek in order to enjoy this article and recipe! Συγνώμη!!

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“Pilates Style”

"Pilates Style" Magazine Article on Marisa Churchill's "Sweet & Skinny"I am a big fan of Pilates. Who knew that all of those little motions could do such wonders for your body! So I was very excited to see that Pilates Style was talking Sweet & Skinny for the holidays.


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ABC7 Live!

It was great to be back in the old View from the Bay studio in San Francisco.  They have done a great job with the new set, and the audience was excited to get some Sweet & Skinny baking tips for the holidays. To see the segment click on the link below.


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Cook’s Books

The latest feature for Sweet & Skinny was in Sunday’s food section of the San Francisco Chronicle.  Amand Gold’s piece will hopefully get readers thinking about a Sweet & Skinny Christmas, not just as a gift, but also as the end to the holiday meal.  The article includes one of my favorite recipes, the pumpkin-ricotta cheesecake. Yum!


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Great Holiday Gift Ideas

Now that Christmas is just around the corner, I have begun to make my holiday gift list.  Apparently I am not the only one, who is searching for the right gifts to give to friends and family.  Diets In Review just posted their own holiday gift giving article….and while my opinion might be biased, I could not agree more with their suggestions!

Take a look at the Diets In Review article, and find out more about their holiday gift basket giveaway.  YOu could win Up to $330.00 in cookbooks, fitness accessories, and healthy treats. Merry Christmas!


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Food Innovators

It was quite an honor to be part of Eye on the Bay’s “food innovators” series, which features such talented chefs at Alice Waters and Art Smith.  I’m glad that Liam, and the entire Eye on the Bay crew, found my Sweet & Skinny recipes to be so innovative and tasty.

We had fun whipping upSweet & Skinny  PB&J cookies in the Macy’s Cellar. Speaking of which, I will be teaching a holiday cooking class at Macy’s on December 7th. For additional details, just visit my events page. It’s just in time for the holiday cookie exchange!


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I’m sure many of you are familiar with the popular website ifood.tv, which features recipes, cooking demos and blogs by some of their favorite celebrity chefs.  In addition, ifoodtv has a monthly newsletter that they send out to all of their subscribers, this month’s theme, “Our top favorite four desserts.” I am thrilled to say that Sweet & Skinny made the cut, with my skinny version of buttermilk panna cotta with fresh berries.  This dessert can be made both Sweet & Skinny, or Sweet & Sugar-free (with Truvia).


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Miss Bloom starts thinking Sweet & Skinny in Greece!


Sweet & Skinny has been getting some great press  overseas, especially in Greece! So for all of you Greeks, Greek-American’s, or those who can read Greek, check out the September 24th issue of Miss Bloom – Gourmet.  http://www.missbloom.gr/814/articles/2-glyka-me-liges-thermides-apo-tin-marisa/article.aspx

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The Life of a Top Chef

For any of you who have ever wondered what it would be like to be a celebrity chef; promoting your cookbook, filming shows, and whipping up new recipes, here’s a peek into a day in the life…..my life.   From SF Chefs Food & Wine, to the Wine & Spirits in Beaver Creek, every moment was documented for the Clarkson Potter Recipe Club!


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Sweet & Skinny on Sacramento & Co.

Last week I stopped by the set of Sacramento & Co. to whip up one of my favorite cookies, the “Almond Joy” macaroons. Click the link below to watch the video and get the recipe!

Sweet&Skinny, Sacramento & Co.

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Sweet & Skinny gets seductive at SF Chefs!

Eater was on hand this past weekend to document the various events, mayhem, and demos that made this years SF Chefs the most memorable yet.  The cooking class I taught with David Barzigan, Louis Maldonado, and Aidia Mollenkamp, was a hit. If you did not attend….put it on your calendars for next year, and check out the article below to see what you missed!

Seduction in 3 Courses: “Love Potion”, Foie Burrata, More

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