My arrival in Athens

The first episode of my TV show gives viewers a taste of my new life and home, in Athens. We explore the city center and whip up two of my favorite recipes. Homemade granola for breakfast and chocolate cupcakes for dessert.

A visit to Patakis Publishing House

This episode is a behind-the-scenes peek into book publishing. I meet with my Greek publisher, review the final draft of my book and settle on some recipes for promotion: chocolate cheesecake with orange spoon sweets and strawberry shortcake prepared two-ways.

Cooking with Freddie & Athenais

Lucky me. I got to spend an afternoon with my friend Katilena’s wonderful twins, Freddie and Athenais. Since they both love to bake, I brought them into the kitchen. Together, we whipped up a batch of chocolate-peanut butter cakes and red velvet cake.

Celebrating My Grandmothers

In this special episode, I celebrate my Oma’s 100th birthday and prepare her favorite lime and coconut cake. I also remember my Greek yiayia, who was a huge influence on my cooking. In her honor, I whip up a batch of spanakopita crepes.

Foraging in Kyparissia

Join me as I traipse through the mountains of Kyparissia, searching for wild artichokes, herbs, and almirikia (sea asparagus) with Sotiris Lymperopoulos, the founder of Radiki. He’s the man leading the foraging movement in Greece. We’ll prepare a lovely quinoa salad with sea asparagus and warm shrimp. For dessert, I whip up a walnut cake served with citrus and wild thyme.

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